what you need to know about tattoo removal

Tattoo Removal FAQ – What do you need to know about it?

People perform tattooing on their body if they feel that a particular thing is significant in their life. You can tattoo the name of the significant person in your life or any other thing which you believe in, and it can happen that after a few years you are not the person who is having the same views and that is when you will regret the tattoo. The best part of tattooing is it will also offer you the flexibility of removing it anytime you want with the help of laser therapy. Before you opt for any tattoo removing process, it is very important to learn several aspects about it and analyze whether it will be a grateful idea or will be as regretful as the tattoo. What do you need to know about tattoo removal then?

The reason why people opt for tattoo removal

If you are not happy with the tattoo and you want to opt for a different one in the same place, then you can opt for the laser process of tattoo removal. It is quite natural for us to regret our previous decision just like our tattoo, and hence removing it quickly would be the best thing you can do.

After the tattooing process if the outcome is not satisfactory like you have imagined and you are receiving a lot of negative feedback from family and friends that is causing a lot of embarrassment and regret then you can opt for tattoo removal. This is the time when you should remove the tattoo instead of feeling resentful or embarrassed.

Many people are having the thought that if they are opting for the tattooing process, then it will help them in enhancing their outlook. With time this thinking changes.

For any job or career choices, people are not allowed or hired if they have a tattoo in places that are exposed.

Many people also feel that after the tattooing process, their reputation has gone down, and it is negatively impacting their life.

Myths about tattoo removal

Many people are having the misconception that the tattoo ink will go very deep when they are opting for a tattoo removal process. It is completely false because the tattoo ink will only penetrate the dermis that is the layer which is beneath the skin’s outer layer. So when the epidermis is shedding and renewing the cells, the tattoo won’t get disturbed. The maximum professional artist who does tattoo will always avoid the placing of the tattoo ink below dermis as the scar that will be created will distort the art.

Many people feel that removing a tattoo can be very unsafe, and it is going to damage your skin forever, which is in actual not. All the ink particles will be broken down into smaller particles, and then your body will discard the ink in a very natural way. So by the end of the tattoo removal process, the entire ink will get drained out from your body.

Tattoo removal is not a long process because the laser treatment has now got so advanced that it can remove your ink within 10 minutes, depending on the size of the tattoo. Previously the treatment was longer because the technology was backdated and hence unable to detect certain colors, and the process of the emission of the laser was also slow. So do not refrain from removing the resentful tattoo because of a myth that the entire process will take a long time.

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Things you need to know

things you need to know

No Guarantee

You have to be clear regarding the fact if you would rather go for a tattoo cover up or be left with a partial tattoo. This is cause currently there are no such tattoo removal procedures which can fully guarantee a full tattoo removal which will leave your skin squeaky clean. So sometimes they will only fade out partially and leave behind a ghost image or a permanently raised scar.

Time Interval

You have to keep in mind that just one treatment or one sitting won’t do the job right away. You are going to need multiple sessions. Keep in mind with this that the average time between the sessions will be about 4 to 6 weeks. This is because your skin is going to need that amount of time to recover. But as always, this also differs from one person to the other.

Success Rate

The success rate of tattoo removal procedures depends on a lot of factors like your age, the location of the tattoo, and whether it was done with by an amateur or a professional. The last factor plays a huge role because tattoos, which are done by amateurs, are often easier to remove than if they were completed by professionals. This is because amateurs have a rough hand, so there’s a difference when it comes to depth, saturation, and uniformity. As for this location, it is believed that the farther your tattoo will be from your heart, the easier it will be to remove. This is because the blood circulation won’t be that prominent as it is near the heart. So the tattoo will lighten faster.

Age of Tattoos

The relative advantage of removing older tattoos is that they are comparatively easier to remove than something you just had done recently. Side Effects: This is the part which scares many and it should, especially if you are getting a laser tattoo removal. Whether you suffer side effects or not and the extent to which you suffer from them differs from one person to the other. Some very common side effects include hyperpigmentation of the area, which can include both lightening and darkening of the skin. But this does heal within a period of about 6 to 12 months. Along with this, other potential side effects include burns, scarring, and visible difference in the texture of the skin. But the most worrying part is that there is a chance of you contracting infections as well.


As a result of infections and such, it’s best that you refrain from using antibiotics if you are going for a laser tattoo removal. This is because a majority of these drugs will trigger a sensitivity to light, which can further deteriorate the healing process of your body. Remember that the job isn’t done even after the tattoo removal process is over since there’s a post tattoo removal care routine to follow as well. So it’s important that you go through all possible research regarding your specific individual condition and if necessary, refer to medical professionals as well.

Frequently asked questions related to Tattoo Removal

frequently asked questions

Will the laser treatment remove the tattoo completely?

The laser treatment will try it’s best to remove all the traces of the tattoo from your body part. So there are chances that it can completely eradicate the old ink. So there is a possibility, but at certain times the guarantee is not ensured.

Total sessions for removing the tattoo

It is true that you can also spend 10 minutes and remove your entire tattoo, but the process is not so short. Depending on the size of the tattoo, you will have to opt for multiple sessions to remove the ink completing. One cannot expose their skin to laser treatment for longer hours, and that is why multiple sessions are needed.

What type of tattoos is hard to remove?

The answer to this question is quite synonymous with the answer to the number of sessions that you will be needed for removing the tattoo. So depending on the tattoo’s age, the color of a tattoo, tattoo’s location on your body and your skin color along with the type of patient the sessions that are needed will depend. It will also analyze whether the tattoo will be hard to remove or not.

Will laser removal of tattoo works on dark skin?

Due to the advancement in the process of laser technology, even people with dark skin can easily remove the unwanted tattoo. It is true that you might face some challenges, but it can be tackled nowadays.

Different types of tattoo removal treatments

Skin Excision

If you want to remove your tattoo by using the surgical method, then this is the treatment that you will have to opt for. It will leave a scar behind, and its size will depend on the size of the tattoo. If you have a small tattoo, then this is a perfect treatment, and for the larger areas, it is always recommended to not opt for such treatment as they are going to leave behind some stubborn scars.

Subcutaneous Injections

Subcutaneous injection consisting of glycolic acid base liquid solutions will be injected in your skin under the tattoo. This solution will affect the dermis and the epidermis and has high chances of leaving behind some scars like burn marks. Since the ink solution will not get completely removed from your epidermis and dermis, so this statement is not recommended.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser treatment is by far the most recommended one because the laser treatment and the technology behind it are getting improved on an everyday basis. Moreover, when you are opting for laser tattoo removal, it is going to remove the slightest ink from your skin, leaving behind no traces. You will have to visit the place for several sessions for removing it. It will also use the process of response that will help in the production of elastin and collagen that will there to heal your skin completely.

Tattoo Removing Cream

Many of them are looking for some cost-effective ways and will find tattoo removing cream to be the best alternative than any other painful methods. Depending on the type of the cream, the effectiveness will vary like whether the cream is using TCA or peeling method for removing the scar or not.

These are the few things that should be kept in mind when you are opting for any tattoo removal process. Always talk to a dermatologist or someone who can help you with the process to know the type of removal process that you should opt for and what are the benefits and disadvantages which you will get from it.