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Salabrasion Tattoo Removal – Everything You Need To Know!

We all have a history of regrets, and there are chances of regretting your tattoo too. When we are young we have our views and opinions and dislikes and likes towards certain things, and we often do tattoo related to it on our skin and in the later stages, we might not appreciate it the way we did it before. Instead of making a room full of regrets, it is always advised to remove the tattoo by using an optimum method for yourself. In several cases, people do tattoos on their visible skin, and in the later stages, they have to opt for the job for which they have to remove that tattoo. Salabrasion Tattoo Removal might be effective but comes with one very big disadvantage – it is painful. I recommend you DO NOT do it yourself; you should ask, e.g., dermatologist do to it for you.

Understanding Salabrasion Method

Salabrasion tattoo removing is one of the most effective procedure, but it is going to give you some pain, and it is not for the faint-hearted people. There are a lot of things that one needs to know before opting for this process. It is one of those primitive ways of removing a tattoo. If you are opting for this process, try to hire a doctor who can perform it properly without escalating the sessions and pain involved in it. The entire process will be carried on with the help of sterile material.

Salabrasion is one of the oldest ways of removing a tattoo, and it is a painful one when compared to any other tattoo removal procedure. Now the tattoo removal process has gone through several improvisations, and that is why people are opting for other methods because it includes a lot of discomforts and will leave a scar in place of the tattoo.

Explaining the process in short

One can consider this method of salabrasion to be quiet synonymous with the process of a sandpapering the arm until its color is changed into red and then the color will be removed completely. Now the surface will be scrapped that is containing the tattoo, and it will be done with the help of table salt granules.

The scrubbing is done for removing superficial dermis. After this, much more salt is applied to the wound, and the dressing will be performed. Before the commencement of any other session, the wound will be provided with a span of 24 hours.

The disadvantage of Salabrasion

If you are having a lesser tolerance of pain, then this method will be extremely painful for you. So the skin surface will be going through several sessions that include scrubbing, and that is why it is not for the people who are afraid of pain.

Healing Time

It will take several days for healing the region where the treatment has been performed properly, and if the treatment has not been carried on properly, then it will escalate to several weeks as in such condition the patient will have to go through several discomforts, and they will have to take some painkillers and anesthetic.


People do not prefer to opt for this treatment in places that are visible because after the treatment, it will leave a scar and the process is very straightforward and is not simple, and that is why you should always be confident about the physician or doctor who is going to perform the treatment. If the treatment is failing at any stage, then it can lead to some excessive scarring

Any alternatives?

There are several more options which you can consider like laser surgery, but they are very expensive and will also require multiple sessions for getting the tattoo removed completely, or you can opt for the surgical excision where the surgeon will be scalpelling out the tattoo, and then they will close it with stitches. Both of these methods are very expensive.

There are several more methods which have been in this market recently and is promising as well. Most of the people opt for the methods which are less expensive and are less painful.

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Methods involved in Salabrasion


remove a tattoo with salt

Salabrasion is an effective method when it comes to removing the tattoo, but one needs to opt for this method after knowing the entire method.

Initial process

The ingredients which are used for performing the salabrasion removal of a tattoo is very simple. It will be using tap water, an abrasive device, and simple table salt and this abrasive device will be the wooden block which will be wrapped in the gauze. In many cases, people also opt for the local anesthetic before the procedure begins as you may experience some pain. The entire process will be taking near about 30 to 40 minutes.

In the first step, the person who will be performing the entire process will check the tattoo area and then shave it to remove any traces of hair present there. Then he will be applying the salt water to that tattooed area, and then he will be using gauze to the surface for rubbing vigorously until this region is turning into deep red blood color.

After this, antibiotic ointment, along with the dressing of sterile gauze, will be provided, and then the thing will be kept in that position for 3 days. Now after the stipulated time the dressing will be removed from the abraded area where the skin will be abraded and then it will be again be covered with the salt for a few more hours. Now another treatment will begin with an antibiotic ointment that will be provided, and the entire place will be redressed.

Later stages

Now you will have to remove this gauge after three days. Now your skin will appear rough and leathery. Now the region of salabrasion will consist of dead skin that will start to shed and separated from the healthy skin within 5 days. Now it will pull the tattoo pigment along with it and as your skin will start to heal the other pigment will naturally leave. Now the skin is getting completely healed, and your tattoo is removed completely. If any of the traces of the tattoo is leaving behind after the completion of the treatment, then you will have to opt for the treatment again. It is stated that many people have opted for this treatment more than once.


Many people are in conflict that after the procedure of salabrasion, there are high chances of scarring whereas some of them disagree. It is one of the most effective ways of removing tattoos, but it carries some risk as well. There are high chances that one will be removing their unwanted tattoo with the unsightly and unwanted scar.

There are high chances of developing an infection from it if you are not doing it properly. Always opt for a place where you are getting professionals for removing the tattoo, and at the same time, they have tattoo removing equipment which is sterile. If you are in the dilemma of how you can remove your tattoo, then you should talk with your doctor or any other physician who is having proper knowledge about it and can guide you properly.


  • Salabrasion is not only the primitive and the oldest way of removing a tattoo, but it is one of the cost-effective ways as well.
  • If you can perform this treatment under the guidelines of a specialized and experienced doctor, then you will get impressive results, and it will also leave behind faint scars.
  • The total number of sessions will depend on the area of the tattooed skin.
  • The process will be carried on by scrubbing the skin that is having the tattoo, unlike the laser ones. So it does not come with the complication of different types of colors involved in the tattoo.
  • The entire process will be done with the help of sterile equipment, so there are low chances of developing infections or any other issues from it.
  • Salabrasion method uses a very natural approach towards removing the tattoo.
  • The process will be carried on under the impact of painkillers and anesthetics. During the treatment, aesthetics will be applied.
  • Table salt, an abrasive device, and tap water are the ingredients that are used in the removal of the tattoo using salabrasion method.

This is a complete guideline for a person who is thinking of opting for this method. Always calculate the pros and cons of opting for this method and how it can benefit one. If you have a strong tolerance towards pain, then it is recommended to opt for it; otherwise, you have to reconsider your entire plan.

Some new improvements are brought into the market continuously, so better painkiller is used for effectively reducing the pain. Depending on how properly the treatment has been carried on the total number of sessions and the number of days taken for healing will depend.

Remember, you SHOULD NOT do it yourself. Salabrasion is very painful; please contact a doctor or dermatologist before.