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The 5 Best Tattoo Removal Creams in 2020

As the name itself suggests, tattoo removal creams are meant to remove the tattoos of your body. If a person has a tattoo that he is regretting now, then he can use it on the area. However, most of us do not even know now that it works or not. It depends on many factors, for some people it worked and for some didn’t. If you are here, you probably want to try it, and that’s why I prepared for you The 5 Best Tattoo Removal Creams.

These creams can work, and least can fade the tattoo away from your skin. The complete removal of the tattoo could not be expected from these creams. In some cases, it has been seen that the cream has removed in the tattoo in a very bad way, and then there is a scar on the skin, which looks even worse. However, the chemicals that are used in these creams are not bad and are used by the spin doctors for skin treatments. The example of such a chemical is trichloroacetic acid. This chemical is used by the doctors for the skin treatments, but if someone is using it at home without any expert supervision, then it could be harmful to your skin.

Ingredients contained in them

Following are a few of the ingredients that almost each of them has in it. All the ingredients discussed here are alternatives for one another so that one can prefer either of them according to their choice and preferences. Let us have a look at them.

Natural ingredients

Some of the creams available in the market use some really good products as they are all naturally available. The best part about these ingredients that the user knows that even if it is not going to work in the way it is supposed to, it won’t have any side effects. There is no chemical in the creams using the natural ingredients, thus no chance of any damage.

Talking about the main ingredients that these products use, then the first thing that comes in mind is the lemongrass. The reason behind the use of this ingredient is that lemongrass is a natural astringent and helps in peeling off the skin properly, without doing much damage to the skin. Along with it, the lemongrass is known for its cooling properties, so it helps in soothing down the skin. The creams that contain lemongrass in it could be a great alternative for the creams containing Trichloroacetic Acid.

Along with the lemongrass, there are other ingredients like ascorbic acid and white licorice, as these are the natural lightening agents. The creams containing these products in them could be a replacement for Hydroquinone, which is again a very important ingredient that most of the creams use. These ingredients are used in the manufacturing of the cream as they fade away the tattoo and lighten up the area on which the cream is used.

Trichloroacetic acid

It is said that this acid is the most active ingredient that one can find in any of them. The reason for using this ingredient in them is that it is hyperactive and has such properties that peel of the skin and shed down the tattooed area. Most of the them do contain this acid in them.

The cream contains the TCA chemical in them, not just used by a person separately for the tattoo removal, but it is also used by the people who wish to undergo laser treatment for removal of the tattoo. You have to apply the cream before going to the laser treatment. From the above discussions, it might be clear that these creams are not meant for the complete removal of it, but it helps in fading away from the tattoo. With the multiple uses of this cream, the tattoo fades away, and thus, it becomes easy for the tattoo to come out of your skin during the laser treatment.

Active ingredient

Apart from the two examples that are given in the previous section, the other ingredients that the creams use in their manufacturing are a bunch of active ingredients. These ingredients are approved from the Food and Drug Administration. This approval assures that the products that we are using are safe and free from any harmful chemical. However, there are no such ingredients found in any of the creams, and they are rather used in the creams that are used by the dermatologists for the treatment of the skin disease. This is probably the reason that none of the them have ever been approved by the FDA.


Hydroquinone is the other ingredient that is used by most of the tattoo removal companies for their product. The creams that use this chemical are more in demand than any other chemical based product. This could be a good alternative to the products that have TCA in it. If we talk about the main use of hydroquinone, then the creams that contain this chemical is used mainly for the removal of dark spot, scars and age spots. The removal of these scars becomes possible after the use of hydroquinone because it obstructs the formation of melanin in the body. This ultimately results in getting a fairer skin at the place of the scar. The same procedure is followed for the tattoo removal also. It is seen that the creams that have hydroquinone in them can remove a tattoo from our body parts if used regularly.

Tattoo Removal Creams

Now, there are a lot of them in the market that one can get their hands on if required. If you too are one of those persons who is regretting of having a tattoo on any of their body parts and does not want to go through any of the painful processes, then this is an option that could be considered. Here, we are presenting a few of those. Following are some of the top rated tattoo removal creams.

Tat B Gone tattoo removal system 1 month supply


tat b gone


This cream comes from the company named as Tab B Gone. The features of this cream claim that it is among the best and affordable creams. Let us see its other characteristics in detail.


  • The item is from the company called Tab B gone, and they give you 4.8 ounces of product for one tube.
  • This cream changes the color of the skin and so of the tattoo.
  • It distorts the skin that you feel is aging now.


  • The formula of this cream is nice.
  • You can see the results of this product very soon.


  • It does not remove the tattoo completely.

Doc Wilson’s Wrecking Balm

doc wilson's wrecking balm


This one is presented by a company called Doc Wilson. This is a tattoo removal kit that claims that it can remove your tattoo and is a kind of on home kit. Let us see the features of this cream in detail. (I wrote a more detailed review of this product here.)


  • This is one of the most popular creams and comes in a kit form.
  • It is very easy to use and can be used by anyone. You have to apply this cream to the desired area every day.
  • The suffusion gel that is there in the kit helps you in getting rid of the tattoo forever.
  • The body parts on which you can apply this cream is the ankle, arm, hand, leg, back, and stomach.
  • Along with the removal cream, this kit has a cream that even moisturizes your skin after every use, which is great for your skin.


  • You need to apply the cream for 3 minutes every day, and you can see the effective results in no time.
  • This is a kit that has all the products that can help you in getting rid of the tattoo that you do not need.
  • It has a moisturizer that is when applied on the skin can smoothen your skin.
  • Along with the moisturizer, it has a concealer on it, which helps you in hiding your tattoo if you are going for any does not require that tattoo.


  • Suppressive use of this kit can give you scars on the area of the tattoo.

Natural fading system wrecking balm 2 week Spartan perform

natural fading system spartan perform


This product is sold by a company called Spartan Perform, and the company claims that using this cream is the safest way of tattoo removal. The process involved the tattoo removal using this cream does not give you any scar or pain and is very effective, as per the company. Let us see the features of this product in detail.


  • One box of this tattoo destroyer cream contains 2.08 ounces of the product.
  • The main ingredient of this product is the neem oil, which is supposed to be the solution of almost all the skin problems.
  • The company claims that despite the strong fragrance of the neem oil, this cream does not have anything bad in it; neither it has any side effects, after applying.
  • With this cream, you can fade away the black ink faster. It will take time in fading the violet and brown colors.
  • The effect of the cream is different for different skin types.


  • It has neem oil in it, which is a natural ingredient and does not leave any harmful effects on the skin.
  • It is a painless yet effective method for tattoo removal.


  • At least six month time is required for this cream to work actually. You cannot see any possible results before that. Sometimes, it takes more time than this.

Inked up – fast working Tattoo Cream

inked up


The manufacturing company of this product is Inked Up. The company claims that this cream is clinically proven and gives the best results. Let us see the details of this product.


  • It gets completely into the skin when applied.
  • The formula of this cream is very decent and general, as it only contains the natural ingredients in it.
  • According to the manufactures, this cream can remove the tattoo in a very comfortable, easy, and effective manner. One does not have to worry about the side effects of this cream, as it does not give you any.


  • The key ingredients of this cream are all natural; thus, there is no scope of any side effects after using this.
  • The ingredients go to the layer of the screen that has the ink of the tattoo and start fading it off.


  • You will have to wait for long to see the actual results of this product.

Profade – Natural Tattoo Removal Cream – Complete 3- step set for Gentle Tattoo Removal



This cream is manufactured by a company called Herbal Technologies. The cream is nothing, but a formula that you have to apply on the desired area of your body in 3 steps. The manufactures of this cream claim that this gives you a very effective result, and you do not feel any of the pain that you usually face during a laser or any other treatments. Let us see the details of this cream.


  • According to the company, this is one of the most effective tattoo vanishing cream available in the market.
  • The best and surprising part about this cream is that it can remove your tattoo in a few weeks only, which you generally do not find in the other creams.
  • The cost price of this cream is very low, which makes this even better.


  • You can see the effective results in just a few weeks, which is the biggest advantage of this cream.
  • The price is very low, and it is one of the most affordable creams available.
  • No side effects or pain in feeling after applying this cream.


  • You have to apply this cream several times to see the best effects.

Method of applying

You have a tattoo on any of your body parts, and you want to remove it now, but do not want to undergo any painful process, then applying a cream daily can be a great option. However, you could not be sure about the results of this process, as it varies from person to person and skin to skin. There is this mindset of the people that if they have paid a certain amount for any product, then they need to get the best result out of it, although they do not even focus on the way they are using that product.

In the case of these creams, there is a particular way of using it, and most of the users do not follow it. It is said about them that these could work only if you make them work. To get the best results, you will have to use it properly with some processes involved in it. So, following are the steps that you need to follow before you apply the cream on the desired area.


If you are into any of the skincare routines, then you must be aware of the importance of the exfoliation process. This is extremely important as it opens up the pores of our skin. In case of the ejection of the tattoo that is embedded there in the layer of the skin, opening up of the pores is very important. One needs to wipe out the ink that is there in the skin, and for this, the pores need to open completely.

For this, try and buy a good scrub for your body. Make sure that the scrub contains all the good products and is suitable for your skin. You can even DIY the scrub at home also, and this will also work in the same way. There are tons of DIY scrub ideas available on the net. You can go with any one of these. The scrub will open up the pores of your skin, and thus the cream that you will apply on the area required will penetrate easily inside your skin.

Apply the cream

After you have exfoliated your skin properly, you are allowed to apply the cream on the tattooed area and that too in a proper way. It is an agreeable thing that the person using the cream is in a great hurry of removing his or her tattoo, but we could not apply a thick layer for this to work. Applying a thick layer won’t do any good thing, will waste the cream and will empty the bottle soon.

The proper way to apply the cream is that one should take a pump of the cream or just a drop amount on the fingertip of any of the fingers. Then he or she is allowed to apply that cream on the desired area. After that, they need to gently massage the cream until it is observed completely in the skin.

No hiding of the tattooed area

After you have applied the cream on the tattooed area of your body, you do not need to do anything extra for getting the good results. You are not allowed to hide that place with anything until it is an emergency. Suppose you have to go to some meeting or some other workplace, and you need to wear a particular dress that will hide that tattooed area of yours, then you can wear that dress.

There is no harm in keeping the cream applied to that area as it is and if you are going to cover it for any reasons, then you need to keep just one thing in your mind. Let the cream absorb completely in the skin and then do whatever you want to do.

Wait times are important

These wait times could be understood in simple terms as the gap in between the two sessions of applying the cream. In some of the creams, there is a complete kit, and here the gap means the timing in between the application of two creams. The order of the application and the gap between them is equally important for having the best results out of it.

In some of the cases, it has been seen that the cream that is not used in a stated order has caused severe skin problems to the user. So, you should keep this thing in mind that using the cream in non stated order can first prevent the proper working of the cream and second, and it can give you a skin disease.

Side effects

The side effects of any product are based on the ingredients used in it. If a product is using all the good ingredients and friendly for the body part it is supposed to be used on, then there is no chance of getting any side effects. If we talk about the ingredients of the tattoo removal creams, then there are chemicals like TRC in it, which is recommended by the food and drug administration, but the use of this chemical in them is not approved by FDA. There is no such product used for tattoo removal, which the FDA has approved yet. So, there are chances that if a person uses them on the desired part of their body, then it may cause some problem. There is a strong possibility of side effects, not for every person, but those having sensitive skin.

The list of these side effects includes redness, rashes, peeling, scars at the place of the tattoo, skin discoloration, burning, etc. if you have a sensitive skin then you may face more severe problems like rashes, hives, swelling, difficulty in breathing, vomiting, nausea, etc. all these problems are life-threatening in a way or another. So, before trying any of the products for your tattoo removal you need to check the ingredients that are used in it and then you decide whether the ingredients that are used are suitable for your body or not. In this way, you can get rid of these problems up to a great extent.

Alternate methods for tattoo removal

In the above sections, we have seen each and everything related to the creams that are good for tattoo removal, but in this section, we will look upon certain options that are best for tattoo removal other than the creams.

The first method is laser surgery. This is the most popular method opted by almost every person desirous for the removal of the tattoo. The laser that is used for the removal of the tattoo in this surgery is called Q-switched lasers. The methodology is basically that there is a heat drop ejected on the skin of the tattoo, and with that, it breaks out. The best part of this surgery is that it will remove the tattoo permanently, but you will have to pay a big cost for this. By the cost, we do not only mean the money but the physical pain too. Also, the surgery can take multiple sessions for completion.

The second method used for tattoo removal is surgical excision. In this method, the doctor makes the skin of the area around your tattoo numb and then will cut the tattooed skin. After that, he will stitch it back. This is the quickest method of tattoo removal, but could not be done for big tattoos. Also, if this method fails, it will leave a forever scar on your body part.

Dermabrasion is another method used for tattoo removal. It is quite similar to the previous process, but it is done by using a special tool. The skin that has faced surgery might look raw for some days, so the doctor’s do not prefer this method. If we conclude all the points in this article, then it is quite clear that tattoo removal is not possible while using a cream. Even the creams that we mentioned in this article do not say it. The least a cream can do is to fade away the tattoo a little and nothing more than that.